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Doubtless you understand just as we do that a working relationship based solely on the bottom line has, at best, a precarious foundation. Any single item can always be sourced more cheaply from somewhere but the cost penalties associated with such a scatter-gun approach to procurement far outweigh the benefits. Cheapest rarely equals best value and often the lowest price comes with the penalty of questionable quality or second-rate service. 


This is why we examine your requirements in minute detail and craft a tailored strategy to help your business. An in-depth consultation with a member of our highly experienced team will equip us to make the best possible recommendations for you.


During preliminary consultation we aim to identify:


  • Your motivation for considering a change of supplier.

  • The anticipated benefits that move will bring.

  • The internal procedures currently in place to create and place orders.

  • Specific preferences for ordering, delivery, invoicing and reporting.

  • Spend patterns and the particular needs of individuals and departments within the company.

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