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You might be surprised to hear that, after people and premises, the third highest single expense to an office-based business is very often print. Not the letterheads, brochures and business cards that carry your brand identity but the day-to-day documents that drive your operation, communication and reporting.


The concept of the paperless office has been around for the last two decades. The reality is that in spite of the rise of email communication, electronic invoicing and advertising on social media we are using as much if not more paper in the UK than we did twenty years ago! And that paper has to be printed on somehow…


Strangely enough although needs have evolved a great deal in that time, all too often the methods have not. Buy printer, connect to network, print, replace cartridge when empty, repeat… As a result we frequently encounter businesses with large fleets of unrelated machines, each requiring its own stock of consumables to ensure continuity. Unfortunately this impacts working efficiency, cash-flow and of course the environment.


This is where our Managed Print Solution comes in. We take a consultative approach to your printing needs to give you control of who prints what, where, when, how and often at a fraction of current costs.

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