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In order to offer you the best possible solution for your business’ particular needs first we need to establish how you work right now.


Don’t worry, we don’t spend days clutching clipboards and interviewing everyone in the building; our simple but effective analysis software works quietly in the background to build up a precise picture of how your existing printers and copiers are being used.


We can then present you with a detailed report into page counts, consumable costs, device usage and energy consumption.




Unless your existing print estate is very new there is a high probability that in the medium to longer term much greater savings and efficiencies can be gained by migrating to new machines.


Many of the options currently available offer significant advantages over traditional, stand-alone or networked printers, with smaller energy as well as physical footprints and costs that are in fractions of pence per copy. Additional functionality can minimise paper usage, automated consumable replenishment avoids the need for expensive inventory and remote diagnostics optimise performance to minimise the chance of downtime at crucial moments.


By analysing current working practice and discussing future plans we will design a solution to meet existing needs as efficiently as possible while remaining flexible enough to evolve as your requirements change. Financial savings and additional efficiencies will be defined clearly, allowing you to make an informed choice to achieve all your key objectives.




Our priority in the short term is to help you make sure you are getting the best out of your current fleet. This can often be done quickly and easily without major disruption by redistributing volume to more suitable devices. With these subtle changes to usage and habits you could reap significant rewards in terms of cost savings and a reduced consumable inventory.


Once the optimisation is complete we can continue to monitor performance and supply you with accurate data to quantify the savings in real terms.

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